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Greases & Paste

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Multipurpose Grease

Multipurpose grease for heavy duty plain and roller bearings operating under moderate loads and temperature.

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Water Resistant Grease

Multi-functional grease excellent water resistant property particularly used in paper mills, textiles, engineering, cement and steel mills.

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Long Life Grease

With excellent retention properties, shear stability, resistance to water wash these are recommended for use in automotive wheel bearings on all types of trucks, cars, farm equipments.

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Moly Grease

Moly grease is a special formulated for situations where metal slides against metal under high pressure and is generally used on pinion gears and splines

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Open Gear Grease

These grease is formulated with high viscosity mineral oils in a nonsoap-based thickener and recommended for many open gears in industrial, mining, construction, and marine equipment.

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Graphite Grease

Used in industrial, mining and construction equipment including bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovels and dump trucks where graphite grease is recommended.

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Central Lubrication

Greases for Central Lubrication provides long life lubrication to bearings, which stays in place in heavily loaded conditions. Having excellent rust and water resistance especially recommended for universal joints, gear boxes, plain and rolling bearings etc.

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Extreme Pressure Grease

Suitable for use in all general grease applications in automotive and industrial service. This includes plains bearings, slow speed wheel and anti-friction bearings, chassis grease, general plant lubrication and agricultural and construction equipment lubrication.

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Food Grade Grease

Food Grade Grease Used in various food-processing equipment and other industrial equipment applications. These include plain and rolling element bearings, joints, linkages and slides, centralized lubrication systems and enclosed gearboxes.

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Silicon Greases

Suitable for chemical laboratories, large industries, and common consumers, as it is resistant to water, chemicals and natural gases, and ultraviolet rays and a rough environment will not have a much effect on it as organic lubes.

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Synthetic Grease

Specifically designed for the lubrication to kiln car, wheel bearings and other high temperature applications.

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Chuck Paste

Due to long term lubrication, corrosion resistance, wide area coverage qualities this is recommended for r CNC & other machine tools and chuck jaws etc.

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Anti Seize Paste

Premium quality anti-seize products which will protect fasteners against wet, dirty and hot conditions as well as from chemical attack, easing future dismantling thereby reducing downtime and costs.

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High Speed Grease

Recommended for bearings operating at high rotation speeds or high circumferential speeds. Suitable for lubrication of equipment such as ball bearings, needle bearings, electric motors, crusher screen bearings, rotor bearings, Machine tools, drills etc.

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All Purpose Grease

Excellent resistance to water washing makes this product ideally suited for use in chassis, water pumps and wheel bearings under normal temperature and speed conditions


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